Dow Chemical Ibérica, organized a guided tour of his Advisory Panel in the center of Public emergencies.


This body of consultation and communication between the company and the community has recently started a new era with more additions that will make this organ more enriching.

Seventeen people from different sectors of society have started then, this time with a visit to the new facilities at the Emergency Centre of the Generalitat de Catalunya where they have been able to get close to where you will coordinate all actions and actions that are foreseen in case of emergency. How do I turn the PLASEQTA, when and why, with a detailed explanation of the steps and processes that are put in place in the event of any incident.

The members of the Panel, followed with curiosity the whole visit and heard the explanations of the managers of the Centre, showing a special interest in the mechanisms of information to the population. It is also positively surprised with the technological equipment of, surveillance cameras, computers, call centers, and in connection with all the territory etc.